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Welcome to the Alabama Bluebird Trail (ABBT) website. We are the official site for the trail that currently runs along Highway 14 through Autauga County and Elmore County. We are most excited that you are visiting with us. As you look through the site you will learn about our history, hopefully discover some interesting facts about bluebirds that you didn’t already know and spend some time with our interactive map. Sorry, but this map is not up to date. So enjoy yourself!

Autauga Bluebird Trail (2019 Data)

We started off our 2019 Autauga/Elmore County Bluebird Trail late with a lot of confusion. The information, list of volunteers, emails and data needed regarding this endeavor was lost with our past leader Tommy Pratt. He passed away April 24, 2018 and we miss him very much!

Our volunteers who helped get Autauga Bluebird Trail moving forward again are Burt & Claire Parrish, Melanie Chambliss, Betty Hall, Randy Hull, Nita Caviness, Don Moore, Beth Debusk, Russell Crowley, Gayle Myers, Kim Kirkham, Cindy Oliver, Trice Nichols, Hollie Bearden Terry, Kate Frederick, Anna Sweeny, Anthony Yarbrough, Patti Klinner, Kathleen Smithson, Zackary Scott, Bob Nunnelley and Roger Tinsley. Tom Speakman and Ed Oliver have made extra boxes to replace many that are rotten with wear.

Bob Nunnelley repaired houses in several locations and helped me get started. It was messy since this was new to me. He had the hardest trail this year with 28 houses. Betty Hall has taken over sending the totals to Cornell University at the end of the year, finding out the information we needed from the county and city and Jamie Sutton updates the website.

According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology 30% of birds in the U.S. and Canada have vanished since 1970. You can read the full article at:

Ed Oliver has built excellent bluebird boxes. We have plenty of replacement houses for all to use and share with others this winter if cooler weather ever comes. Just ask. Several took responsibility without hesitation and hopefully next season we will get an earlier start.

We need to replace old houses this winter and start in February cleaning out houses again for the March nesting season. The bluebirds seem to start nesting earlier and earlier.

We’ve had the usual abandon nests and wasp issues. I read that putting Vaseline on the wood prevents the wasp’s nests from sticking to the area. If anyone has tried this or will verify that this is safe, please let me know.

We had several baby birds die from what was possibly an environmental poison from neighboring agriculture areas. Unfortunately we did have some vandalism, but with a few extra screws that problem was solved.

Our totals for the 2019 season are: 217 Bluebird Houses, 375 Bluebird nests made. This year we are not keeping totals of chickadees, wrens or nuthatches. We did have several of those birds and maybe next year we should add those to our totals separately. 1456 bluebird eggs laid, 1175 bluebird young hatched and a grand total of 1080 bluebird young fledged.

This is my first year being involved with totals, so as far as I know we did a good job. Sometimes it’s better not to compare results. LOL

Please see the rest of the website for other data regarding how to get started with your own bluebird trail. Please contact me if you know of anyone else who would like to help with the bluebirds.

The Autauga Bluebird Trail welcomes your suggestions and recommendations. Please feel free to email Anita with your comments.

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