Bluebirds nesting.

Bluebirds nesting.
Photos generously provided by
Bill Houghton, Montgomery, Alabama

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Barn Owl Box installed Wehle Property Bullock County, Alabama
Barn Owl Box installed Wehle Property Bullock County, Alabama

Other Cavity Nesting Birds - May, 2008
North America has around 947 species of birds that either nest or pass through our country. This number includes ocean birds that use our coastal waters but may never come ashore. There are around 70 species of birds that nest in North America that are cavity-nesting. Some of them use our bluebird boxes for nesting. This gallery demonstrates some of the species in our area that use a cavity or nest box to raise their young.

Installation of a Barn Owl Box at Jackson Lake - March, 2011. Members of the River Region Bird Club and Autauga Bluebird Trail installing a Barn Owl Nest Box at Jackson Island.

American Kestrel Falco sparverius Nesting Box mounted on the dome of the State Capitol - November 7, 2007. [see article on kestrel nesting at the state captiol]

Yaupon Garden Club Flower Show - October 8-9, 2007
The Autauga Bluebird Trail had a table at the flower show displaying the official birdhouse and map as well as monitor boxes and much more.

Installation of the first bluebird house - August, 2006
Mayor Byard and the Autauga Leadership Class of 2006 installing the first bluebird house at the Autauga Prattville Public Library.

Building of the bluebird houses - In April 2006, lumber was purchased and taken to the Autauga County Technology Center where Instructor Alan Dykes' Agriscience Department class built 150 Peterson Type houses for the trail.



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